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Quad Cities Cruisers Officers
Please be patient as we are working on the website
Our last host server decided to no longer host websites so we had to scramble to recreate it on an entirely different format.


 Executive Board Officers for the 2019 Cruise Season

President   Byron Eichmeier
Vice President   Tom Saelens
Recording Secretary   Jeanine Allen
Treasurer   Maggie Saelens
Correspondence Secretary   Janet Mastin

Executive Board Members

Peg Smit

Wayne Allen
Stu Brown

Les Eichmeier
Paul Klaur

Mark Border
Luke Lucas

Jim Swank

Appointed Positions

Publicity   John Gross
(309) 737-8510
  Car Show Co-Chairs   Jim Swank
Advertising   Mark Border   Vendors   Paul Klauer
Membership   Peggy Smit   Photography   John Darby
Cruiser Hotline

Facebook Page

  Paul Klauer

Pam Harmon

  Cruise/Display   Larry Beeth
Website Maintenance  Contact Us

Tom Saelens

Maggie Saelens




Club Event Phone Line: 563-355-0036
Phone line announcements by Paul Klauer
Call for updates on Club Events or to leave a message for the Officers or Executive Board Members.
Please leave a number where you can be contacted.